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July 2023 – Rev. Violet Schonhardt, Spiritual Pathways

We are all experiencing a time of great change — a time of transformation on an individual as well as a global level. Many things we have taken for granted no longer work or even exist. Many of our hearts are crying out for us to make necessary changes in our individual lives, in

July 2023 – Rev. Violet Schonhardt, Spiritual Pathways2023-08-08T14:26:58-04:00

June 2023 – Magellan Mystics

I’m Jasmin, a Tarot and Oracle card reader who incorporates charms into my readings to provide additional clarity. Using charms not only adds an element of fun but also often yields eerily accurate results. I have been practicing card reading for myself and my friends for the past 20 years, and the strong desire

June 2023 – Magellan Mystics2023-07-02T10:07:05-04:00

May 2023 – Allison Strickland

Allison Strickland is an artist exploring the bridge between Spiritual receptivity and Material making, and how they are in constant, inseparable play. Her meditative abstract paintings are informed by contemplative practices, color psychology, other ways of knowing, emotion, and the beginner’s mind. Her Philosophy and Process in her own words: I create art to

May 2023 – Allison Strickland2023-07-02T10:24:08-04:00

April 2023 – Renew Breakup Bootcamp

My name is Amy and I am the Founder of Renew Breakup Bootcamp. I started this company because after going through a traumatizing breakup, I struggled to find a program that was specific to the type of pain I was going through. I didn’t want to just heal from my breakup, I wanted to

April 2023 – Renew Breakup Bootcamp2023-07-04T13:54:08-04:00

March 2023 – Colette Pervette, PhD

Note from Carolyn: I first met our Client’s Corner featured guest while serving as an intuitive on a retreat for women recovering from devastating loss after the breakup of a relationship. When I heard that one of my colleagues at the retreat was a professional Dominatrix, my thoughts went wild with all kinds of

March 2023 – Colette Pervette, PhD2024-02-02T11:45:58-05:00

Jan/Feb 2023 – Joie Jacobsen Wellness

Joie Jacobsen is an intuitive, transformational healer, an authenticity whisperer, an extractor of sticky past life patterns, a champion of willing hearts and fertile minds, and a change helper for change makers. The people attracted to working with Joie want positive change, but often feel blocked or stuck, and struggle to figure out why.

Jan/Feb 2023 – Joie Jacobsen Wellness2024-02-02T11:47:26-05:00
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