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Sema Tihan

Sema Tihan

Sema Tihan is a Western Reiki Lineage Reiki Master Level teacher and practitioner with over 16 years of experience. Trained in both the Original Reiki teachings and Western Reiki. Over 15,000 hours of hands-on clinical Reiki treatment experience and teaching over 500 students in both Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki with thousands of hours of teaching experience. Being a spiritual scientist and engineer by degree has resulted in the development of a science and process-based Reiki program that will complement professionals in their practice and empower individuals in caring for their emotional and physical health.

She provides ‘readings’ in her sessions that allows her clients to interpret their body’s message and consciousness to start the healing process of mental and emotional healing.

Her classes and sessions provide a means for individuals to do a deep dive of their healing through multi level healing. allowing the healing of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, past life and generational wounds and imbalances.
Sema, means to listen in Arabic. An apt name for her as that’s what she does. Only. Listens actively and intently to the body’s intelligence and wisdom as well as to guidance and inspiration from Source.

Her mission is simply to share a simple method as a client or student to return individuals to a state of wellness and peace. Their original state of being.
Her services beyond Energy Healing sessions and readings and teaching East Meets West Reiki are blending of essential oils, using crystals and gemstones in service of and in support of the individual during the healing process.

As a scientist, she is driven to create and teach consistent processes leading to health and well being using natural remedies with their offering of awealth of healing to humans.

Additional benefits are that the Center is a CE provider for a wide range of professionals. Allowing them to learn and integrate into their own lives and through their professions the lives of all patients and clients.

Coming soon is a teachers program, coaching certification program and a program of consciousness for all spiritual seekers. Breaking down all the Universal laws and creating a framework for healing lineage to legacy.

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