Note from Carolyn: I first met our Client’s Corner featured guest while serving as an intuitive on a retreat for women recovering from devastating loss after the breakup of a relationship. When I heard that one of my colleagues at the retreat was a professional Dominatrix, my thoughts went wild with all kinds of frightening images. And then I met Colette. All my fears vanished in the presence of her childlike simplicity and deep spiritual humility. Here was one of the gentlest, kindest souls I had ever encountered. While it is perhaps true that Collette’s healing work is out of many people’s comfort zones, it is also true that countless numbers of people have experienced meaningful comfort and healing because of it.

Hello, I’m Colette. I’m a professional Dominatrix of 18 years. In my journey as a Domme, I spent the first decade of my career going deep into the art and practice of BDSM. Then I spent the last 8 years going inward and contemplating the theory behind the practice of BDSM and have since developed an alchemical philosophy and spiritual approach to the art of kink that I share through my work.

As an Educatrix, I teach the art and practice of FemDom and BDSM to women and couples. I hold a PhD in Education from UC Berkeley, where my research focuses on misconceptions and conceptual change. Through my teaching and writing, I dispel misconceptions about kink, the taboo and alternative sexuality. I guide women and femmes to find and cultivate their personal power by learning how to play with it in the bedroom, dungeon and beyond.

Events Offered

MistressClass – An Online Dominatrix Course

In MistressClass, I take you on an immersive journey where I show you every step it takes to become a Dominatrix and come into your full power. In this two month-long mentorship, you’ll be learning the craft of the Dominatrix: Fantasy, power, play and transformation. You’ll develop a new magnetic alter ego, step into your sensual power as you step into a virtual dungeon and play with devoted subs. You’ll also be exploring the wide range of tools and practices a Dominatrix utilizes to create deep and meaningful play for herself and her subs. You’ll learn not only from me, but from six iconic guest Domme speakers, who will share with you their wisdomme on how to cultivate your own unique style of female domination. This class is for any woman or femme who has a desire to explore and channel their inner Domme, either professionally or just for fun. For more details or to sign up for MistressClass CLICK HERE.

Love & Leather – A Kink and Tantra Couples Retreat • July 20-23, 2023

Love + Leather is an erotic couples retreat where kink and Tantra collide to create an unforgettable experience. Join us for a weekend of exploration, intimacy, pleasure and play as we dive deep into the world of BDSM and Tantra. Our expert facilitators, Dr. Cat and Dr. Colette Pervette will guide you through an erotic journey that will empower you and your partner to unleash your deepest desires and experience new levels of connection and play. You and your partner will learn the art of Tantra, including techniques to deepen your intimacy, expand your pleasure and explore new avenues of conscious loving. You’ll also learn the essential practices and rituals of kink, exploring each element of BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission and Sado-Masochism) and how to incorporate it into your intimate play. From sensual massages to bondage and impact play, we’ll help you explore the full spectrum of pleasure and intimacy. For more details or to sign up for Love and Leather CLICK HERE.

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