Joie Jacobsen is an intuitive, transformational healer, an authenticity whisperer, an extractor of sticky past life patterns, a champion of willing hearts and fertile minds, and a change helper for change makers. The people attracted to working with Joie want positive change, but often feel blocked or stuck, and struggle to figure out why.

Utilizing tools from Vortex Healing®, Divine Energy Healing and Resonance Repatterning®, in addition to her psychic gifts, Joie helps clients to identify and release their blocks, resistance and conditioning. Co-creating the change they seek, Joie helps her clients bring illumination, understanding, and compassion to those hidden places and patterns we all have. Each release, realignment, and shift opens the way for her clients to experience greater joy and freedom in their lives. The more joy and freedom we experience, the easier it is to access our hidden promise, power, courage, and authenticity.

Joie Jacobsen WellnessJoie believes that the tiniest of steps and even the smallest drop of courage will create positive, discernible change in our lives. She sees you, how brave and amazing you are, how much you have to offer, and she’s beyond excited to help you shed what’s no longer working for you and to embrace your gifts and promise.

You can connect with me on social media, click any image below, or call me at 718-757-9715.

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