We are all experiencing a time of great change — a time of transformation on an individual as well as a global level. Many things we have taken for granted no longer work or even exist. Many of our hearts are crying out for us to make necessary changes in our individual lives, in our families, our communities, and on Mother Earth.

I’m Rev. Violet Schonhardt, and I’m excited to have you join me on an amazing journey! It doesn’t matter where you are on your path. Your light and your love are welcome. The process of your journey can be, if you choose, to love in a greater way than you have ever loved before. It is a journey of believing in and experiencing the value of your own self-worth. From my perspective, it takes strength of purpose and courage to navigate living in a physical world as a spiritual being.

I have worked with mediumship and healing for over 40 years. It is such an honor to work with my guides and teachers in the world of Spirit. I am very blessed. In the same way I am very blessed to work with you as we connect with each other to pull together reasonable solutions for your everyday living experiences. The warmth of tender loving care provides confidence and comfort during each session as you move into your fulfilling Divine Design.

You can SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT on my website.  Use the code GuidingCircle23 for a 10% discount, valid for your first use.  If you have any questions, click any image below for more information or give me a call.

Feel free to join me on a journey through Spiritual Pathways as we work together, while you uncover more of your potential. It is the music of your heart that really matters. You know your own heart’s willingness to move forward. The possibilities are many. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Creating healthy, fulfilling relationships
  • Integrating health and wholeness into your life
  • Building a solid vibrational foundation for your life adventure
  • Embracing change with knowledge and self-care
  • Any other perspective you want to include

“There is a quiet river that runs throughout the land and when I am on that quiet river, I understand that love turns mountains into sand.” Rev. Violet Schonhardt

SPIRITUAL PATHWAYS is a creative design encouraging a sense of humor and having fun along the way. It becomes a journey in New Hope. As we let go of protecting ourselves from change, (I include myself in that special need as well), we are peaceful and inclusive as we love without condition. That experience invites us to cradle ourselves in a blanket of loving care, of loving compassion. Focused pathways are as follows:

  • Spiritual Mentoring
  • Clairvoyant Readings
  • Science of Epigenetics
  • Energy Healing
  • Past Life Exploration

Prayerful Meditation is a foundational tool I have integrated into each one of the Spiritual Pathways. It is where we, as individuals, connect our individuality with our universality as we are multidimensional life forms. It is where we turn to meet our needs. It is the place where we are comforted, appreciated, loved, and cared for. It is where we receive necessary guidance for solutions to problems in the physical world. It is where balance is restored, and we can be free to just be ourselves while living in the present moment, feeling satisfied and grateful.

It is my privilege to propose as the basis of Comfort Food for the Soul, a reliable guidance system based on the fullness of a lovingly organized design.  Stay tuned for updates.  Currently being written and experienced by Rev. Violet.

Note – Meditation is nothing to be frustrated or confused about as you will be guided into relaxing into a very loving connection with source energy.

Available: Individual Appointments are on Zoom. Workshops, Classes, and Speaking Engagements are on Zoom or contact me for in person presentations.

Ongoing. Monday evenings, HEALING POWER OF LOVE ZOOM GROUP (contact me for more information.)

“When you talk to Rev. Violet, everything becomes clear.” – A.J.L. Southhampton, NY

“I met Reverend Violet about 40 years ago. At that time, she was a gifted medium and healer and had served our local Spiritualist church as a guest lecturer and message bearer. I have also had the privilege of being a student in Reverend Violet’s mediumship classes, both in person and remotely. I continue to be impressed with her insight, compassion, patience an ability to explain spiritual teachings and how to apply them in everyday life. I am a better person and have grown as a child of God under Reverend Violet’s guidance.” – B.C. Ft. Wayne, Indiana

You can SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT on my website.  Use the code GuidingCircle23 for a 10% discount, valid for one use.  If you have any questions, click any image below for more information or give me a call.

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