Hello everyone!  My name is Alexandra. I am a quantum energy healer and intuitive reader. I offer deep, hands on healings both remotely and in person. I go through the chakra systems and 10 body systems to clear blockages in relationship to the intention of the session. It’s a a very long, deep session. At the end of the healing, I channel all messages that came through during the healing session.

I also offer psychic readings. I only work with the highest light.  I feel very aligned with what Carolyn offers and how she works in this space. I am always working with the highest light and our teams of guides to be a clear channel for the greatest good.

I love what I do and would love to share what I do to connect to other beautiful beings.  Feel free to schedule a free 15 minute discovery session. While there, you are invited to read about and schedule one of the other services that I offer.

I have been a client of Carolyn for many years now. I have taken some of Carolyn’s classes in the past. I politely love Carolyn. Truly an angelic so honored.

Thank you! Blessings, Alexandra

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