With the belief that God is with, as, and in everything, I offer my service as a spiritual mediator between you and your Guiding Circle.


I knew I had an inherent ability to access information from these other dimensions. I grew up in a household of brilliant and loving atheists. Their version of reality was beautiful; however, I spent my childhood drawn to and pondering another level of reality. This “other” reality is called by many names. Some call it the kingdom of heaven. Others call it the 4th dimension. And some refer to it as the quantum field.

As a child, I didn’t have any of that language at hand. All I knew was that this “other” reality was a place where I was much more than my tiny physical body. When I was “there,” I seemed to extend outwards and inwards indefinitely.

Carolyn was a guest on the podcast “A Psychic’s Story – We Are All Mediums” Episode 118, published January 25, 2023.

In this episode, Carolyn describes her spiritual journey beginning as a young child and how later in life she inadvertently discovered she had the gift of physical healing, which then evolved into the healing of the soul. Carolyn believes that we are all mediums and have intuitive gifts because we are all both fully human and fully divine.

She shares how people can activate their innate gifts by developing a baseline sensitivity, how to identify a spirit vocabulary and the art of translating internal images into words. Carolyn’s underlying powerful message is that all events in our lives – good, or bad – can be transformed into light and possibility.

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At the age of 3, while playing in the front yard of our home, I suddenly found myself at a distance outside of my body in this “other” reality. I stared at the little girl in front of me, struggling to figure out how I – a vast and eternal Being – had come to live in such a small little frame. The question I heard upon my return to my body was, “Why am I?” In the other realm, I was a wave of continuous Light. Why was I also that specific little human being? It made no sense to my young brain.

These experiences left me with an aching curiosity about human nature. If we are infinite, why do we have specific personalities with seeming strengths and weaknesses? More mysterious to me was the question of why we would ever choose to be tiny when we are actually enormously vast..

This curiosity about human nature eventually led me to the theatre, where for 30 years, I explored the landscape of the human soul as an actor. I was looking for the “why” of human personality, and, for a while, the theatre provided a wonderful gymnasium for me to process all of the elements that go into the making of personality. It was amazing and rewarding work.

Yet I was always hungry to do another kind of work, a work that would directly minister to people by helping to bring a spiritual understanding of the many dimensions that the human experience is. I knew I had an inherent ability to access information from these other dimensions, but I didn’t know exactly how to use this ability. Then I began to notice that I had a healing ability, which I called upon for my fellow actors while in rehearsal or sitting backstage.

One thing led to another, and as my acting career rolled along, a healing practice developed on the side, and lots of folks began coming to me for physical healing. I had no training whatsoever. My hands just seemed to “know” what to do.  It was in the midst of doing healing work on the physical plane that I became aware of a need for a deeper level of healing, a healing that transcended the physical and included all levels of being. Soon after, messages reflecting this deeper level of healing began to surface for people as I worked with them. These messages ran the gamut – they included past life information, messages from departed loved ones, messages about physical health, messages about finances, and so much more.

As these messages came forward, I stumbled into the thrilling realization that every human being is an elegant Poem of profound and sacred meaning. Further, every human Poem is woven ecstatically into the Greater Poem of the Universe. Some people might call that Greater Poem, God. Or some might call It Higher Consciousness. Whatever we call It, It is the Loving Vibration which weaves everyone and everything together. It is Good, and every aspect of the Universe is integral to Its Wholeness.

Somewhere along the way, I noticed that theatre wasn’t as interesting as it had been. How could it be, when every human being I worked with was a beautiful and complete Poem of Unlimited Potential and endless, joyful, fascination? In 2008, I abruptly left the theatre so that I could be available full time for what I called “the intuitive work”. I also began to make plans to receive formal training for my gifts. In 2010, I enrolled in a three-year seminary program with The United Metaphysical Churches in Roanoke, Virginia. In 2014, I was given my official mediumship and healing certificates and I was ordained into metaphysical ministry.

I named my intuitive practice “The Guiding Circle” because of the sensation I have of being part of an enormous Divine Circle whenever I work with a client.

As I look back through the years, I gratefully acknowledge that I have always been guided by this same Circle, which is the Circle of Love. We are always invited to move beyond the circle of time, (otherwise known as the circle of karma), into this greater Circle of Love, where every life is eternal, every experience is sacred, every moment is now, and evolution is recognized as the natural course of consciousness.

If you have ever asked yourself “Why am I?” you are primed and ready for a glorious adventure of Self-discovery wherein the “what you are” answers the question of “why you are.” I look forward to meeting you in the Circle of Love so that we can celebrate your Poem of Infinite Potential together.  ~Namaste

“Carolyn is a medical intuitive, a spirit guide, an erudite student of religion and culture, and one of the most loving souls our planet has. She is the most talented intuitive I have ever worked with, and she continues to teach me so much!”

Dr. Gilda Carle

“I’ve been speaking with Carolyn for many years and her kindness matches her extraordinary gift. When she shares feedback from my team I feel as though I’m learning something I already knew in the deepest part of my heart, but hearing it affords profound reassurance.”

Courtney D., New York, NY

“Carolyn is pure magic. Her work is so profound that I also hired her to do private readings at my Breakup Bootcamps where she helped women with guidance as they stepped into their next chapter of life. I’m so grateful for Carolyn and her wisdom, and bright light energy.”

Amy C., San Diego, CA

“Carolyn Swift is the MOST gifted intuitive. For both predictions and guidance, she is beyond accurate, specific, and helpful. My friends and family have been blown away by their sessions!

Alanna T., Los Angeles, CA

“Carolyn is an amazing teacher. She holds your hand when it needs to be held. She gives gentle nudges when you need gentle nudges. And she pushes you out of the nest when you need to spread your wings and fly. Any time I see an email for her next class, you can bet I’ll be replying, yes please!”

Ryan M., Brooklyn, NY

Carolyn is such a pure channel of Light. I was even blessed to have her share her loving presence and officiate my wedding. I could not think of a more reverent, loving soul to bless our vows.

Danielle K., New York

“I have been going to Carolyn for almost 20 years now and I have always found her readings to be extremely accurate. The readings are far more spiritual and profound and unlike the typical readings you tend to get with others. I have always described the experience as hearing the truth for the very first time.

Kathi K., New York, NY

Carolyn is warm and compassionate. Her work is spot on. No matter how dark or difficult my life has seemed before I meet with her, I always end up feeling uplifted by the end of our session. My life is brighter because of her.”

Dave M., Monroe Township, NJ