Allison Strickland is an artist exploring the bridge between Spiritual receptivity and Material making, and how they are in constant, inseparable play. Her meditative abstract paintings are informed by contemplative practices, color psychology, other ways of knowing, emotion, and the beginner’s mind.

Her Philosophy and Process in her own words:

I create art to be lived with, in relationship to, touchable, a sensual exchange. My practice in all its forms is built on bridges, art to spiritual practice, spiritual practice to life, communion to oneness, stillness to movement, and round and round. In life and art I love: repetition and improv, structure and fluidity, openness and mystery, reserve and passion. I believe that art – and everything – has an energy all its own. And that art affects the psyche of those who are in relationship with it. The impact of which deepens over time in the constant interplay between planes of existence. And so, with that in mind, how might we enter into this relationship with greater intention?

Exploring the idea that the creative force in our surroundings can influence what is integrated into our lives. Ultimately my process is always co-creative partnership: between myself, Material, Spirit, and the viewer. I enter into this process through deep listening, curiosity, intuition, meditation, leading, and following. Guided by the desire to receive, translate, distill, and alchemize, to facilitate transformation.

The use of repetitive dashes in my work serves as a point of focused intent. Gestural marks, and washes allow me to access the unconscious. If precision is Spirit, then the free form is Soul. Hands, paint, color, space, texture bring us back to Earth all unfolding in pure presence. Noise cleared away except for the essential meeting of brush and canvas; of intangible and tangible. Folding the sacred back into its rightful place, the here and now. Playing in the ever-morphing space where I, we, and all are simultaneously creator and created.

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