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“I’ve been speaking with Carolyn for many years and her kindness matches her extraordinary gift. When she shares feedback from my team I feel as though I’m learning something I already knew in the deepest part of my heart, but hearing it affords profound reassurance. Carolyn’s guidance has helped me through some of the hardest times. And in speaking with and learning from her, I’ve felt entirely that everything I was going through made sense and would help me grow. Our sessions fill me with peace and reinforce my own deep spirituality. I’m forever grateful to Carolyn for sharing her gift and her love with me.”

Courtney D., New York, NY

I have had the privilege to have worked with Carolyn for over 20 years. Her intuitive capacity is immeasurable and she has helped me through the years in so many ways-whether it be working through something physical, emotional, or a relationship issue. Carolyn comes to her sessions already prepared to share messages which have come through spirit guides for me. Each time, I am so touched by Spirit and feel in connection with Divine flow. Together we work to allow more messages to unfold.  Carolyn’s such a pure channel of Light. I was even blessed to have her share her loving presence and officiate my wedding. I could not think of a more reverent, loving soul to bless our vows. I am so grateful to turn to Carolyn for her wisdom and unwavering support through her gifts. She is truly an angel on Earth.

Danielle K., New York

“I have worked with Carolyn over the course of several years after she was recommended to me by a friend and colleague. Carolyn is warm and compassionate. Her work is spot on. She is patient and takes the time to help me understand things during my readings. I like that we always begin sessions in prayer asking for the highest good for all things. No matter how dark or difficult my life has seemed before I meet with her, I always end up feeling uplifted by the end of our session. My life is brighter because of her. Carolyn is a gift from above and I am grateful.”

Dave M., Monroe Township, NJ

“Carolyn is a gifted master of connection with our Highest Power. What she does is not fortune telling. She is a medical intuitive, a spirit guide, an erudite student of religion and culture, and one of the most loving souls our planet has. Before a session, she does an introspective meditation on each person, which spawns copious notes. Over the years, whenever I would visit Carolyn with some physical ailment, her notes would immediately pinpoint that issue, and she’d be armed with a solution for treating it. She is the most talented intuitive I have ever worked with, and she continues to teach me so much! How grateful I am to have this brilliant woman and her radiant light in my life! Thank you, Carolyn, for everything.”

Dr. Gilda Carle

“Carolyn Swift is the MOST gifted intuitive. For both predictions and guidance, she is beyond accurate, specific, and helpful. My friends and family have been blown away by their sessions!”

Alanna T., Los Angeles, CA

“I have been going to Carolyn for almost 20 years now and I have always found her readings to be extremely accurate. She relays messages from your spirit guides to give you invaluable insight into your past lives as well as your present and future. The readings are far more spiritual and profound and unlike the typical readings you tend to get with others. I have always described the experience as hearing the truth for the very first time. I have recommended her to tons of other people over the years and they have all been equally AMAZED at her abilities. I go to her every six months and it’s like spiritual therapy for me. I highly recommend both her personal readings as well as her body work. I have had both and I have never been disappointed. She has helped me with medical issues that have come up over the years and I always feel a major difference after our session. Her guidance is comforting and always spot on. I love Carolyn and I always look forward to our readings!”

Kathi K., New York, NY

“Carolyn is an amazing teacher. She holds your hand when it needs to be held. She gives gentle nudges when you need gentle nudges. And she pushes you out of the nest when you need to spread your wings and fly. And you will fly. Her techniques build upon each other in a natural progression. They’re simple, yet profound. Any time I see an email for her next class, you can bet I’ll be replying, Yes please!”

Ryan M., Brooklyn, NY

“Carolyn is pure magic. I’ve had several personal readings with her and received much clarity and guidance, along with hope when I most needed it. Her work is so profound that I also hired her to do private readings at my Breakup Bootcamps where she helped women with guidance as they stepped into their next chapter of life. I’m so grateful for Carolyn and her wisdom, and bright light energy.”

Amy C., San Diego, CA