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February, 2024 – Stephen Laddin / Story Prism, Inc.

Stephen Laddin - Story Prism, Inc. Stephen Laddin Stephen is a Los Angeles-based writer/producer originally from New York who focuses on creating content that normalizes underrepresented voices. He's written and produced a multitude of short films and his most recent short film "Zoo Animals" is currently streaming on HBO MAX. He also interviews

February, 2024 – Stephen Laddin / Story Prism, Inc.2024-01-31T21:55:29-05:00

January, 2024 – Ryan Migge / Inner Wisdom Journeys

Ryan Migge - Wholeness Coach & Akashic Reader Hey y'all, I'm Ryan. I'm a Wholeness Coach. My work is about helping my clients remember they're already whole. We do this through various modalities. (And I say "we" because this work epitomizes collaboration and co-creation. Also, because I recognize I'm only a part of the

January, 2024 – Ryan Migge / Inner Wisdom Journeys2024-01-31T21:54:48-05:00

November 2023 – Temple of Artists & Qi Note Records

Su Terry Greetings! As a long-time client of Carolyn's, I appreciate all those who explore beyond the limits of this world. Whenever I meet with Carolyn online I'm reminded of how fluid our reality can be if we allow energies from different planes to intersect and interact with our own Earth plane.

November 2023 – Temple of Artists & Qi Note Records2023-12-01T10:07:26-05:00

October 2023 – Gigi Chiarello / Inner Wisdom Journeys

Transformational Life Coaching Align with the Truth of who you are. Deepen into the exploration of the beliefs, stories and patterns that are rooted in your foundation and tethering you to old ways of being. Through intuitive listening, perceptive questioning and reflective dialoguing, you will be invited to explore beyond your edges. Be witnessed

October 2023 – Gigi Chiarello / Inner Wisdom Journeys2023-11-01T08:20:46-04:00

September 2023 – High Priestess Healing

Jessica believes in the power of your intuitive abilities & intends to empower you to listen for your own. She applies her intuitive & playful nature towards her tarot & oracle card readings to curate a safe space for her clients. Jessica's tarot readings are a tool for awakening souls to go inward, to

September 2023 – High Priestess Healing2024-02-02T11:43:53-05:00

August 2023 – Gretchen Winterkorn, Psychotherapist

Hi, I’m Gretchen Winterkorn, a Psychotherapist working in the Hudson Valley of New York providing individual and couples sessions in person and online. I’m excited to share my offerings here in Carolyn’s Client's Corner, as I really enjoy providing therapy to clients who are deeply spiritual like me. If you are seeking depth therapy with

August 2023 – Gretchen Winterkorn, Psychotherapist2023-09-01T09:23:22-04:00
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