“Washington” by Robert Reincke

Robert Reincke is an artist who uses spiritual practices, past life influences, healing and multidimensional awareness in his work. Current series of paintings include large abstract works and representations of U.S. presidents and notable figures created in an effort to heal the United States. His overreaching intent is that his artwork effects a raised vibration in our world and on our planet.

His “President Series” is the outcome of ongoing psychic channels and shamanic journeys conducted in an effort to help heal the United States. Since 2014, Robert has “journeyed” (taken shamanic or other visionary quests) to U.S. presidents and other important personages to obtain information and elements (colors, design choices, artistic inspirations, and metaphysical connections with other artists) for the completed paintings.

Robert Reincke

Intensive study about the individuals, episodes in their lifetimes, and the time period they lived allows for a further understanding of the subjects. Robert then uses intent while painting to conceptually erase negativities around the individuals and their time. Robert has also written two books: one recounting the story of his family’s immigration to the United States, and another, a memoir, recounting his experience as in international, fashion model in the 1990’s.

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